Javascript Interview Questions

This is a collection of common Javascript interview questions you may need to answer.
I wrote a post for each of them explaining them in natural language.

Basic Javascript questions

  • Call bind apply
  • Closure
  • Prototype
  • Difference between arrow and normal function
  • Map ,Filter, Reduce
  • The Event Loop
  • Map and Set data structure
  • How to Compare object is equal or not
  • Literals
  • Hoisting

Asynchronous Javascript Land

Advanced javascript questions

  • Babel
  • Generator Function
  • Scaling – Horizontal & Vertical
  • Middleware
  • Cluster and Child threading
  • Encrypt techniques
  • Design patterns

Node Basic questions

  • Architecture of NodeJs
  • Event Emitter
  • When NodeJs is used
  • Security – Node App

Sample challenges

  • Angram problem variations
  • [95,9,7,4,3] make it max no. and original value should not change 995743
  • Find string is a palindrome or not if not then find possibility of making palindrome and
    return true and false eg: aabbbcc- true, MADAM- true, abca-false
  • [1,2,3,5,7,7,,8,9—-nth] find missing and duplicate number in sequence and return value
  • Write a sum function with this call signature: sum(a)(b)
    – shortest possible form
    – explain the theorical concept behind this.
    – explain some practical use

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