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Dan Avramescu

I am a full-stack developer

Dan Avramescu Developper
Dan Avramescu Programmer


How I Can Help:

I created a great number of web applications for publishers and startups, enabling them to scale and evolve


I turn designs into efficient user experiences by using React, Javascript, HTML and CSS


Using PHP or NodeJS I write custom backend logic for websites or web applications

CMS Integration

I offer custom solutions to publishers and give them a technological advantage

Performance Tuning

I love to tune the delivery speed of websites all across the tech stack. Performance is my passion

Technical SEO

I keep up to date with the latest SEO developments and implement the new technical requirements to the projects I work with


What I Am Good At:

There’s always something new to learn.
I have experience with the following languages, frameworks, runtimes or CMS:



Frameworks, Runtimes, CMS



12 Years of Web Development. My Journey so far:

In reverse chronological order

February 2020 - Present
Remote Freelance Work And Switch To The MERN Stack
After exiting Tradunity, I decided to train myself in the MERN stack, a stack of technology I felt like I was missing out of. I spent several months learning intensively Node and React and built several projects with these technologies.
February 2020 - Present
November 2017 - February 2020
Tradunity - Technical Co-founder
Tradunity was a bootstrapped online startup which took off right away.
I developed the MVP in one month. Our launch was a success.

In two years the team I was leading grew to 8 people. During this time, I was responsible for both the technical development as well as the business decisions for the project.
Except my usual PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS stack, I have done a lot of client and partner communication, technical support, internet marketing, project management and even HR work.
November 2017 - February 2020
October 2016 - November 2017
Remote Freelance Year And My First Commercial Project
I started working remotely for a pool of clients in France. WordPress was getting hotter and I switched from Drupal to WordPress development.

At the same time I started wp-accelerate.com, a service for publisher to optimize their site performance. This was my first commercial project and it had a fair amount of success.
Except the usual technological stack, I started learning a lot more about servers (Apache and Nginx), SEO, Digital Marketing and working directly with clients.
October 2016 - November 2017
March 2014 - October 2016
Web Development Consultant - Altelog
I stayed in Paris and worked as a contractor for the Altelog consultancy company.
This was an amazing time with much professional growth. I carried web development assignments at medium and large client companies of Altelog.
I was exposed to a few corporate environments and the current tech trends in backend and frontend. Most of my work was in Drupal on all levels of the stack.
Stack: As usual I got to play with PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, but started using new tools such as git, Grunt, SASS, Stylus, SVN,
March 2014 - October 2016
August 2013 - March 2014
Drupal Developer - Algo Expert
I moved to Paris to be a web developer in Drupal.

The company which hired me was a consultancy firm and Drupal was hot in France at that time. I ended up working on some internal projects and training new recruits in Drupal development.Stack:
I got to practice working with PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS.
August 2013 - March 2014
August 2010 - October 2012
MSc Computer Engineering - Delft University of Technolgy, NL
I took a 2 year hiatus and perused my Masters Degree in the Netherlands.
Except for the technical knowledge gained, this experience taught me a lot about time management, punctuality and self-discipline.
August 2010 - October 2012
October 2008 - Feb 2010
Web Developer at Uniway
My first experience in web development was in Drupal. I was assigned to figure out the CMS and to spawn 2 websites with it.Stack:
I learned a lot about working with PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML
October 2008 - Feb 2010


Past Projects

misstourist project

Miss Tourist

Frontend, CMS, SEO

A project in which I have been involved from the begining. Recentely entered top 30 publications in its niche.

tradunity project


Frontend, Backend, CMS

My former startup. An education platform and premium community for traders.

national pension fund project

National French Pension Institute

Backend, Frontend, CMS

A large French government project where I led the technical team.

portoalities project


Frontend, CMS, SEO

I technically supported the growth of this project from the begining until the present when it is one of the dominating publishers for Porto.

bickids-bw (1)

Bic Kids

Frontend, CMS

Bic Kids is one of the websites I made for the Bic company during my collaboration with F+ Agency in Paris, France.

april paris project

April Paris

Backend, Frontend, CMS, SEO

A jewelry boutique e-commerce store based in Paris.

happy clients
years of experience
years working remotely
Commercial projects launched


From My Former Collaborators

A few words left for me by the people I worked with

“I had the opportunity to work with Dan for more than 2 years. We made a project from scratch, and he was responsible for the technical part of the work. It is the best experience which I've ever had. Dan showed his top level in programming and solving all technical tasks. Also, he was very helpful in other aspects of the project work like team building, marketing, communication with the community. Dan is an honest, smart, responsible, and very friendly guy. I strongly recommend you to cooperate with him! He will help you to reach your goals.”
Dmitriy Lavrov
Former Business Partner
Yulia-safutdinova (1)
“Dan is a magician. He has helped me for the past 5 years to keep my online publication on top of my niche. There's nothing he can 't solve. With his help, I managed to enter in top 30 travel blogs, starting from absolute 0. He is extremely reliable and inventive. I can't recommend enough to work with him if you have the opportunity.”
Owner at misstourist.com
I know Dan from his Role as Technical Lead at the Trading Startup Tradunity.He always cared about the customer needs and was always there to help me if I had any questions or incidents. It was obvious that Dan was very hard working. This was showed directly in the amount of new features which were released by him and his small team in short time, while considering customers feedback. Kudos!I also got to know Dan personally, and can honestly say, that he's a great, sympathetic guy I trust.
Nicolas Novak
Former Client

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