Max Slice Sum Codility Javascript 100% correct solution

Max Slice Sum – Codility 100% Correct Javascript Solution

The Max Slice Sum was a fun brain challenge.

I ended up finding the O(N) complexity solution after using the ol’ pen and paper trials.

So, I iterated over the array. At each step I calculated the maximum sum ending at the current element by comparing the minimum sum allowed, the current element, and the maximum previous ending + the current element.
The max slice is the maximum between the previous max slice and the maximum ending at the current place.

Solution in Javascript with O(N) complexity.

function solution(A) {
    let minSum =  0-2147483648;
    let maxSlice = minSum
    let maxEnding = 0; 
    for (let i=0; i<A.length; i++){

        maxEnding = Math.max(minSum, maxEnding+A[i], A[i])

        maxSlice = Math.max(maxEnding, maxSlice)

    if (maxSlice > 2147483647) {
        maxSlice = 2147483647
    return maxSlice

And here is the description and the algo report on Codility.

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